Artonov at the Villa Carpentier - part 2

Les Solistes du Concert de la Loge

10 June 2021

'Les Solistes du Concert de la Loge' with Julien Chauvin and the clarinettist Vincenzo Casale will take you on a journey through the Villa Carpentier in Ronse, a summer residence built by Victor Horta. References to musical gestures, be it to rhythm or to ornamentation, are woven in the architecture. In this program, we wanted to combine the contrast between shadow and light in the music of Joseph Haydn and the beautiful quintet for clarinet and strings by Johannes Brahms, with Victor Horta’s architecture, also anchored in his time and deeply inspired by the old masters.

A co-production of ARTONOV Festival and Evil Penguin TV.

Part 1 and part 2 are now available as one program in our catalogue.

"Music, as immaterial as it is, can impose its density and its spatiality. Of all the arts, it is the one that comes closest to architecture," said Renzo Piano.


Victor Horta's work illustrates this wonderful phrase from Renzo Piano. Its architecture permanently forges links with musical gestures, both in rhythm and in ornamentation. Originally, the young Horta, who studied the violin, wanted to become a musician, but he was fired from the Brussels Conservatory for ... lack of discipline. He therefore opted for architecture.


Clarinettist Vincenzo Casale will use in this recording an original German instrument by the maker Georg Ottensteiner from 1870.  This instrument is the same model as the one clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld used.


Brahms heard Richard Mühlfeld in Meiningen in March of 1891 when the latter performed the Weber f minor concerto under the orchestra’s new conductor, Fritz Steinbach.  Although he had a long association with the Meiningen Court and must have heard Mühfeld previously, Brahms wrote to Clara Schumann that “nobody can play the clarinet more beautifully than Herr Mühlfeld.” Mühlfeld’s playing and personality had clearly captivated the composer, and a few months later both the Trio, op. 114 for clarinet, violoncello and piano, and the Quintet, op. 115 for clarinet and strings were completed at Bad Ischl, Brahms’ summer retreat. The composer appears to have been particularly affected by the sensitive, feminine side of Mühlfeld’s playing, referring to him as “meine Primadonna”, “Fräulein Klarinette” and the “nightingale of the orchestra”.

Concert recorded in the Villa Carpentier, Ronse.

This project is realized with the support of the Flemish Government, thanks to the Cultural Activity Grant. With thanks to Olga and Michel Gilbert who open the doors of the Villa Carpentier for the occasion. 



First violin

Second violin



Clarinet in A (by Georg Ottensteiner, Munich 1860)

Le Concert de la Loge

Julien Chauvin

Karine Crocquenoy

Pierre-Éric Nimylowycz

Grégoire Korniluk

Vincenzo Casale


Johannes Brahms Quintet for clarinet and strings in b minor, op. 115 




Con moto

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