What is Evil Penguin TV?

Evil Penguin is a (live) streaming platform and a creator of cultural content. It's our mission to create and distribute local high quality content to the widest possible audience. In doing so, we reaffirm the pivotal role of local culture in an increasingly digital universe.

Will my yearly subscription be automatically renewed?

Yes, if you do not give us explicit notice via eva@evilpenguin.eu your subscription will be automatically renewed. Convenient, is it not? And please do not hesitate to tell us why you want to cancel your subscription. All feedback is welcome.

Will my monthly subscription be automatically renewed?

Yes, if you do not give us explicit notice via eva@evilpenguin.eu your subscription will be automatically renewed. Convenient, is it not? And please do not hesitate to tell us why you want to cancel your subscription. All feedback is welcome.

Can I choose in which language my program is subtitled?

Alas, you cannot, and we're sorry for that. Especially in older content, you may indeed find Dutch or French subtitles. May we recommend the deepl translator for subtitles you really wish to understand? We will make an special effort to provide English subtitles to all new content.

Did you know...

that some penguins mate for life? Some. Just like some humans.

Who is the Evil Penguin?

An Evil Penguin is a Penguin that doesn’t adapt to the mainstream but is self-willed. Or in other words: a plus Penguin with a strong character and a strong vision which in general counts for good musicians and artists as well. And, of course, there’s the conotation with the dressed up conductor/musician in classical concerts.

Contact details

Evil Penguin TV
Kanunnik De Deckerstraat 22
2800 Mechelen

Tel: +32 (0)15/63.79.30

E-mail: info@evilpenguin.eu

Why are some videos charged at the price of €3,5 and some €4,5?

More content to enjoy, more to pay for. If a video is longer than 60 minutes, we are charging the modest price of €4,5. And let’s be honest, that is very generous of the ‘Evil’ Penguin.

For how long will the video I rent be available?

For exactly 72 hours!

Ondersteuning bij livestreams en betalingen

De livestream wilt niet laden of blijft haperen.

  1. Probeer eens een ander WIFI-netwerk.

  2. Probeer eens een andere browser (vb. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari…)

  3. Zorg ervoor dat je browser de meest recente versie is. Hoe check je dat? Zo: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ Als dit niet de meest recente versie, zal je even moeten updaten.

  4. Probeer de url te openen in ‘incognito’ modus. Soms kunnen cache en cookies in de weg staan van het laden van de video.

  5. Probeer een ander toestel.

  6. Zet je anti-virus software even uit. Het kan zijn dat deze software het laden van het programma tegenhoudt. Na het uitzetten van je anti-virus de pagina verversen.

Wil je meteen na de livestream herbekijken of klok je later in? Na afloop van de livestream kan het even duren voor de livestream geüpload is op het systeem. We besparen je de technische details, maar verzekeren dat de livestream de dag zelf nog beschikbaar zal zijn.


  • Je kan betalen met kredietkaart (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover), Bancontact en iDeal;

  • Betalen met bancontact via QR-code: zorg ervoor dat je de QR-code scant via je bankapp of de payconiq app, NIET met je camera of een QR-code app;

  • Vergeet niet aan te duiden dat je 1 ticket wilt kopen. Wil je meerdere tickets kopen voor een vriend/collega/geliefde? Dan zal je per 1 ticket een betaling moeten uitvoeren.


  • Na aankoop van een ticket krijg je een bevestigingsmail van Universe met factuur van je aankoop.

  • Een uur voor de livestream krijg je een tweede mail met de link naar de livestream. Niet ontvangen? Kijk eens in je spam folder of stuur een mailtje naar streaming@evilpenguin.eu

  • Heb je een ticket gekocht na de premiere van de livestream? Dan krijg je meteen na aankoop je ticket in je mailbox. Dit kan soms enkele minuten duren, maar geen paniek: het komt eraan!

Troubleshooting livestreams and payments


  1. Try a different WIFI-network.

  2. Try a different browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari…)

  3. Make sure your browser is the latest version. How to check if it is? Here: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ If it's not the latest version, please update your browser.

  4. Try to open the url in ‘incognito’ mode. Sometimes cache and cookies can get in the way of the loading of the video.

  5. Try a different device.

  6. Disable your anti-virus for a while. Sometimes, your anti-virus software gets in the way of the loading of the video. After disabling, refresh the page.

Would you like to re-watch immediately or did you start to watch later then the starting hour? It takes a while for our system to upload the livestream back online. We spare you all the technical details, but we assure you that the livestream will be available that same day.


  • Payment is available with creditcard (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover), Bancontact and iDeal;

  • Payment with bancontact via QR-code: make sure you scan the QR-code via your banking app or the Payconiq app, NOT with your camera or a QR-code scanning app;

  • Don’t forget to indicate you want to buy 1 ticket. Would you like to buy more than 1 ticket? Then you will have to make the payment per 1 ticket.


  • After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email from Universe with your invoice.

  • One hour before the livestream, you will get a second email with the link to the livestream. Did not receive anything? Take a look in your spam folder or send an email to streaming@evilpenguin.eu.

  • Did you buy a ticket after the premiere of the livestream? Then your ticket will be sent to you immediately after your purchase. This could take a couple of minutes, but don't worry: your ticket is on its way!