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About us

Evil Penguin TV is a (live) streaming platform and creator of cultural content. Our mission is to create and distribute high quality Belgian content to the widest possible audience. In this way, we affirm the crucial role of local culture in an increasingly digital universe.

The Evil Penguin is a penguin that does not conform to the mainstream but is
idiosyncratic. Or in other words, a penguin with a strong character and vision, which is generally true of good musicians and artists.

And of course, there is the connotation with the suited conductor/musician at
classical concerts…


Evil Penguin TV
Kanunnik De Deckerstraat 22
2800 Mechelen

Tel: +32 (0)15/63.79.30

E-mail: info@evilpenguin.eu 

Questions about streaming: streaming@evilpenguin.eu